A rebuildable atomizer is a key component to a mechanical electronic cigarette. An atomizer rebuild is the modification of a rebuildable atomizer for a more flavorful vaping experience. Mechanical electronic cigarettes are better known in the vaping community as a “mod”.  The atomizer rebuild is a routine re-adjustment of your rebuildable atomizer so your mechanical mod can continue to function with maximum efficiency, producing larger vapor clouds and ultimately leaving you with more of a flavorful aftertaste.

These products are for experienced users only and requires prior knowledge of building custom coils in order to properly use them.

  • Misuse of any of these items can cause serious bodily harm.
  • Use caution with lower gauge wire and fewer wraps.
  • Make sure that your battery can support your build.
  • Make sure all wicks and coils that you use are tested before anything’s ingested.
The user of this atomizer must install wick and wire (coil).  

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