Titanium Wire - Temp Control

Titanium low-resistance wire for use in building coils for temperature-controlled devices.

Do NOT use this wire on a mechanical mod, it is extremely low resistance wire and will most likely exceed the amp limit of your batteries.

Supplied on large, boxed, 30 foot spools (no more curly, unmanageable wire!)

Important Notice:

Rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks. If you are new or unsure of what you are doing you can create a hazard for your devices and yourself.

Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no multimeter, knowledge of how to use a meter, when a meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.

This is because:

1. A rebuildable coil/wick must be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
2. Faulty wicks/coils WILL damage (or worse) electronic devices.
3. New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on an APV that has short circuit protection.
4. Improperly calculated coils can damage and destroy electronic devices if not properly calibrated and ohms/watts and amp draw is considered. This is a known issue.

If you purchase this item, you are doing so at your own risk.

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